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Semantic Web Component Design: Radios, dropdowns, and tabs are the same thing

Early on in the rewrite of Appuri's portal that we started on after having a designer and development team from the MVP, and in our transition from Angular to Knockout, I was looking around at different widget / web component libraries and what I could leverage that would fit the designer's use cases and style, as well as a clean design.

One thing that always drove me nuts about our previous UI was a mismash of different components doing the same thing. We had ui-select2, ui-select from the Angular UI team, angular-multi-select for some multiselect cases, and a custom directive for radio-like toggle boxes.

Each control offered some little feature that another didn't (except ui-select2 which was just in code we didn't get around to refactoring yet). Why is this? All of them are trying to do the same thing on a higher semantic level: The user needs to pick an one (or more) options from this fixed set of options. How that looks is a styling concern.