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jspm and systemjs: High friction package managment

We have a decent-sized Angular codebase here at Appuri that I want to replace with real module system that will allow for a gradual move away from Angular. A friend recently pointed me to jspm and systemjs. The goal and direction is sound - load any module format (AMD, CommonJS, Harmony/ES6) and be registry-agnostic (npm or GitHub is out of the box with registry plugins, namely for bower). Unlike bower, since the loader and the package manager work together, it maintains the mapping of modules that normally you do manually in the map and paths sections of your RequireJS main. It also has a builder, so you can work in a mode that loads files individually, or bundle them up together for production, with source maps and minifcation. It also supports ES6 compiling to ES5 (or "transpiling" if you don't fully understand what compiling is), so it is very future-standards focused. It's a superset of what I want from RequireJS, so I was excited and dove in.

Three days in, I'm ready to throw in the towel as I can't get SystemJS builder to work. There are bigger issues too.

  1. Bower should be a first class registry

    So jspm is registry agnostic, and it's registry providers built in are npm and GitHub. Why a GitHub provder instead of bower? It's so similar to bower, yet lacking too. They are both git based (well except these muts be in GitHub, damn your priviate or alternate git repo). It also ignores dependencies in the bower.json - which basically defeats the purpose of the package manager as you are now left to dealing with the dependecies yourself, manually editing your config.js - the thing that it's supposed to manage for you.

    I started out simply using jspm install angular. Worked fine. Then trying to install angular plugins, they weren't in the registry. so I did them mangually via jspm install github:somedude/angular-plugin. However they would often just have a bower.json, so the dependency on angular wasn't declared. It was worse as I did angular-chart, which depends on c3, which then depends on d3.

    Ugh. So I install jspm-bower-endpoint and run jspm install bower:angular-chart. cool.... wait, it depends on bower:angular, but I already have github:angular installed from the jspm registry... Ugh. jspm uninstall ALL the jspm packages and just use the bower registry, otherwise unless the jspm registry is 100% complete, you'll just have a mess to manually maintain. The same is true if you mixed and matched npm with bower, unless the dependencies didn't cross. BTW, you still need to have a package.json to get jspm down anyways.... so you have 2 package maangers. Actually, 2 package managers and a package manager registry wrapper.

  2. Automatic module detection really does not work